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Question: Screen sporadically flashes blocks of color and pulses brightness

Macbook Pro 2015, 15 inch

Graphics: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

macOS Version 10.13

Two days ago after using my computer for an extended period of time I went to charge my phone from the same outlet. When I returned to my computer I noticed that sporadically bright blocks of color, usually green or pink would start to appear. After awhile, the screen started to pulse in brightness. Eventually the screen distortions got so bad that it was unusable. Oddly, when I kept my mouse in motion the distortions stop. The screen distortions seemed to be slightly effected by moving the computer so I thought it may be a hardware issue.

I tried the standard fixes such as restarting, P+R reset, and diagnostics.

The next morning I power on my mac to see if there the problem persists. I'm able to function normally for about 10 minutes then the distortions come back in a similar fashion.

Last night I take it to the apple store and am not able to recreate the problem for them, their in house diagnostics don't find anything. I am told to take a video of when it happens.

I use my computer for 2 hours that night with no problems.

This morning after 70 minutes of use, 3 minutes of distortions occur, it is now sporadically acting up. I have included a video of both the block colors as well as the flashing brightness.


mac brightness flashing on Vimeo

Before I make the drive back to the apple store I was wondering if anyone here had insight into this issue,

Thank you

Also during each of these times, I have not done anything significant such as drop the macbook, most of the times it starts acting up is sitting of a desk using various applications.

EDIT: I just realized that this occurred right as night shift was supposed to kick in. I turned off the setting but it may be tied to that.

MacBook Pro, macOS High Sierra (10.13), null

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Question: Screen sporadically flashes blocks of color and pulses brightness