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Question: Text boxes freezing with iOS 11

Is there a place where I can send an email to report a bug? I am getting frustrated with Apple “support” and how I don’t seem to have any options other than calling them or doing a live chat, both of which seem inappropriate just to report a bug...

Anyway... ever since upgrading to iOS 11 on my phone, I have had problems with text boxes freezing. Actually, I have had problems with apps in general freezing... but in this particular case it doesn’t seem to matter which app it is.

For example, while on Facebook through Safari, when I have made a post and then go back to edit it, the text will not scroll. It stays stuck at the top. Sometimes force quitting Safari and restarting it will fix the problem, but not always.

And like I said, I will have similar issues with text boxes in other apps. It is driving me crazy!

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Question: Text boxes freezing with iOS 11