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Question: show print area on spreadsheet

How do I show page guide lines on a spread sheet? I want to be able to show what I can fit on a page.

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Nov 18, 2017 5:23 PM in response to Ohjohn In response to Ohjohn

Hi John,

Go to View (menu) > Show Rulers.

Default Left and Right margin settings for Numbers in a North American region are 1", leaving a horizontal print space of 6.5 inches between margins.

0 on the rulers is the left edge of the first page.

Place the mouse pointer on the vertical ruler, press the mouse button, and drag right. This will generate a yellow guide line, which you may drop at the zero mark of the Horizontal ruler.

Repeat, dropping the second guide line at the 6.5" mark on the Horizontal ruler.

Repeat as needed to add as many guides as needed, maintaining the 6.5" spacing between them.

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For page height guide lines, drag down from the Horizontal ruler, and place the guidelines at intervals equal to the height of the vetical space between the top and bottom page margins (default is 9" with 1" margins top and bottom).

Note that Numbers will not split a column or a row—if the right edge of the column or the bottom edge of the row extends beyond the right or bottom margin, the whole column or row will be placed on the next page.

One way to handle that is to reduce the right and bottom margins by small amount, leaving the guidelines at the unadjusted position. Columns aligned to the guidelines will then fall within the print area. Cumulative errors will accumulate, of course, and eventually, you'll likely get a column reaching beyond the 'real' margin and jumping to a new page.

Be aware, as well, that if you choose to Repeat table headers (set in Print Set Up, after pressing command-P), the width of the header column(s) and the height of the header row(s) will fill part of the printable space on every page, and the spacing between the yellow guidelines will need to be adjusted to account for that.



Nov 18, 2017 5:23 PM

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Question: show print area on spreadsheet