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Question: Buzzing left earphone

Today I was listening to Spotify via iPhone 6 and noticed my left (corded) earphone was buzzing, even only purchasing them a month ago.

So I started troubleshooting:

  • Changed the volume from max to min, same result - song isn't too loud
  • Reseated the headphone jack - not the connection
  • Different songs in Spotify, same result - not the song
  • Different apps like Youtube and Chrome, same results - not the app
  • Listen through an iMac, on Spotify, same songs, no buzzing - it's the device
  • Restarted the phone
  • Tried Spotify, same song, all volumes, no buzzing - restart solved it

Is there someone out there that is more technically inclined that would know a reason for this?

iPhone 6, iOS 10.3.2

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Question: Buzzing left earphone