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My shuffle plays music, but it is not recognized by any computer it is inserted into (tried an iBook running 10.3.9 and my NacBookPro running 10.4.8) as well as an old PC laptop. It does not show up in System Profile/Device Manager, so the iPod Reset Utility is not an option (though I did try).

I actually noticed it 2 weeks ago when I could not get any music in my truck through my DLO Transpod, I had guessed that device was dead on the radio end.

It has been reset via its power switch at least a dozen times.

When inserted into a computer, the light starts solid green, and goes to blinking amber. It seems to be charging, as I can still listen to music still on there, and it was been several weeks since it was truly charged (that it mounted on my Mac).

It's way out of warranty (April 2005 is its birthday), and while it is not an expensive piece of computer equipment, I had hoped for more than 20 months of use.

Are there any other incarnations that might raise this from the dead? My un-engineering hunch is the USB connection is fried.

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.4.6)