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Question: I can't remove my old phone number

I recently got a new phone number, and no longer have the sim card or device that my old phone number is on. When I try to remove my old phone number from my account, it says to log out of imessage and facetime on it. I can't because I do not have the device. When I click to deactivate it and receive a verification code, I don't receive a verification code. I think it's sending the code to the device and phone number that I don't have. How do I remove it? If the verification code was sent by email I could. (There's no option to remove phone numbers online or on iTunes, which I think would really help.)

(I created a new iTunes password as well because I read that would remove it, but it is still there and I have a new password.)

iPhone SE, iOS 11.2, null

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Question: I can't remove my old phone number