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Question: Problems browsing Apple Music in iTunes on Windows


I have an issue with browsing the 'For You', 'Browse' and 'Radio' sections of iTunes, 'Store' section works fine, but I don't need it as I have Apple Music subscription.

When I click on For You section, it loads the first page fine. But then if I click on any album or song, it shows loading symbol forever. It happens with any song or album.

I can go back to home page by double clicking For You. If I click the play triangle, the song or album starts playing, but I am not able to open the page for that song or album. Hence, I am unable to browse for new music, only able to play what is on the home page.

When I click on Browse or Radio, it does not even load the first page.

When I use Search, it loads the first search page fine, then does not load when I click any result song/album/artist. Same forever loading. I can play the song/album by clicking the play triangle, but unable to open the page by clicking the item.

I did not have this issue earlier, I think it started after some update, don't exactly remember how many updates ago. My internet speed is not a problem, and I am able to use Apple Music just fine on my Andriod device. Also, I can browse my library in iTunes without any issues.

My OS: Windows 10 Pro x64

What I tried (no effect, still having the problem):

Update iTunes

Uninstall iTunes and reinstall (downloaded the latest setup).

Uninstall iTunes, uninstall all other Apple software (all extras such as Bonjour, Apple Application Support etc.), find and delete any registry entries having Apple/iTunes from regedit.exe, then reinstall iTunes

Reset Cache from Preferences

Any suggestions would be appreciated,

Thank You.

Windows 10

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Question: Problems browsing Apple Music in iTunes on Windows