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Question: Issue with a corrupted email only on my iphone

I have an email I sent to the bin and then retrieved from the bin back into my inbox. I now want to delete this email but when I do it keeps reappearing. If I try to get into the email it has not fully downloaded and just sits on trying to retrieve but it never downloads. The original email did have attachments so not sure if that impacts the solution.

I use Apple iCloud for my mail. I have tried going into the cloud to remove the message but it is not there. It is also not on my PC. So t appeared to be isolated to just my iPhone.

I have tried turning mail off and back on and rebooting but no luck. I have seen this issue before and was able to get around it by creating a new folder and moving all emails except for the problem one and then deleting the original folder but the issue this time is in my inbox which I cannot do this methd with.

Any suggestions would be great.

iPhone 7, iOS 11.2

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Question: Issue with a corrupted email only on my iphone