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Question: Unhappy with High Sierra

Hi Apple team

Im using a macbook pro 2017 with touch bar, i was very happy with the performance until the high sierra update prompt.

i recently updated to the high sierra and my macbook dont react the same as when i bought it.

example: i dont usually turn off my macbook after using, so naturally will just lift it and let it wake and continue with my pw/touch id and it responded fast.

After upgrading to high sierra same process and the screen does not wake immediately, and i have to hit the spacebar / touch pad / even the power button.

The reaction is much slower compare with when i bought it.

I dont have much files on my macbook cause i use a external hard disk.

I would like to know if its a good idea to downgrade back to MacOS Sierra?

and would like to know how to.

I tried looking for MacOS sierra in app store but its nowhere to be found.

please help.

MacBook Pro TouchBar and Touch ID

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Dec 9, 2017 5:26 AM in response to TakaraSawano In response to TakaraSawano

HS load time is somewhat slower than Sierra. The only way back from HS to Sierra is if your Mac came originally with Sierra then use recovery boot to reinstall or through a TM backup or from a clone of your drive with Sierra OS.

Dec 9, 2017 5:26 AM

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Dec 9, 2017 4:39 PM in response to TakaraSawano In response to TakaraSawano

I have seen little benefit from HS vs Sierra. Only HS issue is with some external drives not being recognized and having to format them again using Disk Utilities. I'm running 2012 Mini. If you want to run Etrecheck and post the results here for comments it may help resolve your issues.

Dec 9, 2017 4:39 PM

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Dec 9, 2017 7:42 PM in response to TakaraSawano In response to TakaraSawano

Hi, I don't work for Apple, but you could do what's called a "clean install" basically it wipes your hard drive and installs it as a new operating system, overwriting any existing operating system (and any and all files). Make sure you back-up any and all applications, files and essentials before attempting this because once its done - a clean install will result in just the original OS and will not preserve any settings or applications.

Check out more information here: sierra-even-if-youve-already-installed-i…

Dec 9, 2017 7:42 PM

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Question: Unhappy with High Sierra