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Question: CardDAV and CalDAV not syncing with changes

My iPhone with iOS 11.2 will initially sync with our CardDAV and CalDAV server, but it does not update as changes are made. I can force a re-sync be going to account setup and re-entering the password, but it only syncs once.

I have the following settings:

Accounts & Passwords > Fetch = push (which works on non-iOS devices)

Accounts & Passwords > Fetch > caldav account = Fetch

Accounts & Passwords > fetch > carddav account = Fetch

Accounts & Passwords Fetch schedule = every 15 minutes (I tried Automatically, did not help)

I had this problem in some prior iOS versions, it is not a new issue with 11.2.

How can I get my calendar and contacts to sync on a regular basis, at least hourly?

iPhone 7, iOS 11.2

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Question: CardDAV and CalDAV not syncing with changes