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Question: Can’t hear my voice mails

I have an iPhone 6S Plus 128 GB in Gold

Ever since the second bug fix for the iOS 11 update the playback for my voice mails is so low I can barely hear them. The speaker function doesn’t work to hear them either.

I have went through multiple trouble shooting with Verizon techs in tier 1 and tier 2.

The last tier 2 tech spoke to an Apple tech who suggested the newest iOS update which just came out of beta testing should fix the issue.

No luck.

I did a factory reset on my phone.

Still didn’t work.

Frustrated since like so many others, I depend on this gadget for my employment and I can’t hear the message I’m receiving from my boss or other entities we are working with when they call while I’m out running on the road to different planning departments. I’m missing necessary last minutes changes and it’s effecting my livelihood in a negative way.

Kind of important for me to get those!

Anyone know how to fix this issue?

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Question: Can’t hear my voice mails