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Question: MacBook Pro display black, external display works


My wife's early 2011 MBP has a problem. It is connected to an external monitor, which works fine (using it to post this), but the built-in laptop display is black. I have done all the restart stuff to reset PRAM, SMC, disconnected everything, &etc. There is absolutely nothing showing up on the built-in display, no backlight or logo.

I have not opened the case yet, since I have a feeling this is some sort of software issue. Can anyone think of any other non-invasive fixes, or should I go ahead and open the case to check the video cable?
My wife just mentioned that this began after the computer had been unplugged and run its battery down until it shut down.

MacBook Pro, iOS 10.1, early 2011

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Dec 11, 2017 12:51 PM in response to Paul Archibald In response to Paul Archibald

Hey there, Paul!

Thanks for stopping by the Apple Support Communities. If I'm understanding your post, the display on your wife's early 2011 MacBook Pro won't turn on. The computer itself seems to be working, as you're able to connect an external display without issue. The internal display is just black, however, even after some troubleshooting. I'm happy to help!

The steps you've already taken with resetting the NVRAM and SMC, and disconnecting all peripherals, are great first steps to take. Since they have not helped, and the computer does work with an external display, my next recommendation would be for you to take the MacBook Pro in for inspection by a Genius or Apple-certified technician.

You can find locations of Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers, get contact information, and set reservations here: Apple - Find Locations .

You are also welcome to reach out to Apple Support directly for more information, and to review your options in detail. You can do that here: Contact Apple Support .

Have a good day!

Dec 11, 2017 12:51 PM

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Question: MacBook Pro display black, external display works