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Question: A Few HomeKit & Philip Hue Products Questions


I have TONS of Philip Hue Lights in my apartment. Lux Bulbs, Color bulbs, & Strips. I use the Hue app and the Home app to control them all. I have a few questions and hopefully you all can help?

Currently I am using an iPhone X running 11.2.0!

1. I am trying to set up the functions of "I'm home/arrive" and "I'm leaving" within the Home app, and although I have the lights set that I went off (all of them) when I leave and the geofence is (or at least I am pretty sure is) set up, I will get to work (15min drive away) and I will look at my camera in my living room, and the lights are still all on. When I come home, the lights do not turn on either, what am I doing wrong?

2. I have an App Tv 4th gen and it is hooked up to my wifi and I am curious to know if it's actually helping me control my Hue lights while I am not home? I am assuming they are because when I look at my camera in the living room while I am at work (reference question 1) I will see my lights on and if I go to the Home app I can press them all off and look back at my camera and see the lights turned off. Is this because of the Apple TV? I do not have an iPad at home (I mentioned this because I know the lights need an iPad or Apple TV to work while not at home.) But also, don't the Lux bulbs only work with accessing them from when you are not home ? (According the the product boxes, the colored bulbs can not be accessed the not home is why I ask.)

3. I have a Hue Motion Sensor and I noticed that in the Home App, it shows the temperature of my kitchen. Is there a temp. gauge built into it? (If you look in the screenshots I provided currently my sensor is not hooked up - I was trying to do set it up, don't worry about that)

4. Once I added the Hue Motion Sensor and later on the Lux bulbs to my product line, I noticed in the Home App that there is a Lux Sensor "in my bathroom", is this because the Motion Sensor is set up to control my Lux Bathroom lights?

5. Recently when I use the Hue Dimmer Switch that is in my bedroom, if I press either the On or Brighter button, the lights (the ones attached to it) go up in brightness and then go dim right away. I noticed on the Hue app that it states the Dimmer button was being pressed, although the light switch was not being touched for a fact. Is the button broken maybe?

I attached a few photos of my Home and Hue App - Just to give you an idea of what I see! -I was not home at time of taking these screenshots so if they say disconnected or w/e, that is why.

I really appreciate any help you all can share with me!

- Ray

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iPhone X, iOS 11.2

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Question: A Few HomeKit & Philip Hue Products Questions