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Question: Settings Spotlight Search bar: Non functional

This started to happen recently after I changed the Display "Zoom" setting from "Standard" to "Zoom" and I changed the default text size.

Despite enabling and disabling Spotlight Search and all the options available, Spotlight Search will not populate with the contents of the Settings eg. Backup, iCloud, Privacy, etc. I have to manually go to the location wherever these settings are located. What only shows up is my Apps eg. Music, Weather, etc.

I tried doing a Restore from Backup (both via iTunes and iCloud) and I was not successful in the search functionality working. Only if I reset my iPhone as a new phone will it show up. I'm guessing this is a bug within iOS 11.2 as I never had this happen before and my wife's iPhone does not have this problem. Her Display Zoom setting is Standard.

Apple social media support is clueless and wanted me to replace my device (it's out of warranty) even though DFU restore and setting up the device as new remedies the problem, but this is a nuclear approach considering I have close to 200 apps and I would have to manually add them from a previous version of iTunes which I have installed.

Has anyone here heard of my issue before? If so, what is the fix without having to lose all my content and start fresh?

iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 11.2, null

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Question: Settings Spotlight Search bar: Non functional