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Question: Constant hardware issues with new Macbook

Hi Everyone,

I have a new 12-inch MacBook for almost a year now and I have constant issues with it since the moment I bought it. Here's my story:

1. I bought my MacBook in the Apple store in Canada in December 2016. Right after that, I moved to Poland and after about 3 weeks time, the first problem occurred. The computer stopped working. The screen turned black and I was unable to turn it on. I rushed to the nearest Apple reseller (there are no official Apple stores in Poland) and surprisingly, they asked me to pay for the service. They suggested it's my fault or it's a software problem and my guarantee doesn't cover that. I rushed to another reseller to confirm that - and the same story, they asked me to pay, but after a short argument they agreed to check what's going on and installed the system again.

2. Two months later I was already living in Malaysia when again - same story happened. In the middle of writing a document, my Macbook turned off and I couldn't turn it on again. I went to the reseller again and decided to ask them to replace the computer as obviously, it wasn't a software problem, but they sold me the computer for almost 2000 bucks with a latent defect. After tens of calls and discussions with both, reseller in Malaysia and Apple in Singapore, the only thing I've heard from them is that I should be happy that they gave me a 1-year guarantee. Like, seriously?! I'm using their products for over 10 years now: my phones, tablets, computers are all Apple. Not cool, Apple, not cool.

3. So after uneffective argues for almost a month, I finally decided to give up and let them repair it. And guess what? After few month time, another issue happened: my keyboard and touchpad stopped working for no reason. I went to the Apple reseller and what they told me? They can only repair it. It's not possible to replace it.

What would you do on my place? It seems like this computer has still many hidden hardware issues and it's just a matter of time I'll have another problem with it. I don't want them to repair it again. And I feel like my battles are not effective and my time's running out. My guarantee is still working for another 2 weeks.

Apple - it's the last time I bought something from you. You've just lost your loyal, long-lasting customer.



MacBook, OS X El Capitan (10.11.6)

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Dec 10, 2017 7:55 AM in response to justynasosn In response to justynasosn

Part of the problem is that you took the Apple product to a non Apple store in another country(s) . There are laws and restrictions that are different in every country and if a company has a warranty in one country , like say Canada were you bought it , it does not always travel with you . The shops in Poland and Malaysia are just that , retailers . They do have to agree to service Apple products but are not part of Apple and fallow their own business practices . If they were Apple owned stores then things may have been different as an Apple store has to fallow what Apple policies require and local laws or restrictions apply also . Now , have you contacted Apple service from the country you purchased the MacBook from ? Have they offered to inspect and repair or replace the unit if you send it in to them ? This is a situation that might best work as there are no Apple stores near you . I know it is not the best possible thing to do for you but it may be what could be done . You are not in Canada . Their consumer protections mean nothing outside of Canada . A company is also under this situation . Apple , just like Lenovo or HP , sell devices all around the world and have a service for you to send your product to them for them to fix . Lenovo is great at this with their ThinkPads . You send in the device and a few days later it is back usually repaired or replaced . Apple does the same , it is just not as convenient as taking your device to an apple store . Don't blame Apple for some one else business practises that they have no control over .

Dec 10, 2017 7:55 AM

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Dec 10, 2017 8:18 AM in response to finlandrocks In response to finlandrocks

Thanks for reply, finlandrocks. The closest Apple store I have is in Singapore. I have contacted them before and unfortunately, they were not much of a help. They only told me to bring my machine to their reseller in Malaysia and stated, that there is NO option to replace it. Not here in Malaysia, not even in Singapore. They didn't even mention sending it to Singapore to their official store, even when I asked for it. That's why I'm disappointed. And do blame them but for a lack of help. I believe they have control over what help they offer to their customers, and in this case, they just left me alone with the issue I'm facing. Another repair is just out of a question - I'm a digital nomad, working from a different location every few months, and it's just so disappointing that I have to face repairs every few months.

Dec 10, 2017 8:18 AM

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Dec 10, 2017 9:41 AM in response to justynasosn In response to justynasosn

Hey I understand . We have no official Apple stores here in Finland too . My wife's 2015 MBP had a battery puff up and deform the top plate recently . There were some consumer protection laws here that a company must cover for longer than a 1 year warranty , it is 1 1/2 years old since purchase . If it wasn't for that consumer law it would not have been covered as it was 6 months out of warranty . It happens , different countries have different practises and some places have better than others .

Dec 10, 2017 9:41 AM

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Jan 24, 2018 1:34 AM in response to justynasosn In response to justynasosn

Apple saga continues.

The local repair service in Malaysia informed me that the mother board must be replaced in my Macbook. That means, it's the second mother board replacement within 8 months time. I immediatelly called Apple in Singapore and they decided to look into this and work on the Macbook replacement. They were suppose to call me the day after.

For more than 2 weeks I received NO information from Apple (I even emailed them couple of times, but received no reply). I've been patiently waiting and 3 days ago I got an email from the local service provider in Malaysia, that the computer has been repaired. REPAIRED! Wait, what?

I've just called Apple to ask what's going on - they have informed me that the computer can only be replaced when the same issue occurs at least 3 times within a year (last time they told me it's 2 times - what an inconsistency). Seems like they went ahead and let it be repaired without informing me and without my final acceptance.

I can't accept that solution - I can only guess that the computer has some hidden hardware issues that even Apple can't name. I also can't belive in their promisses anymore, especially when my guarantee is over.

Man, their customer service has failed badly. Any advices?

Jan 24, 2018 1:34 AM

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Question: Constant hardware issues with new Macbook