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Question: Mid 2015 MB Pro. Is it capable of Yosemite too, or not?

I bought a used MBP, a Mid-2015 Retina, i7 Quad. It came with El Capitan installed.

I would like to run Yosemite to allow for compatibility with a particular app which is

unstable in 10.11 but said to be ok in 10.10.

I mistakenly upgraded from El Capitan to High Sierra. I then did a Time Machine backup,

and attempted OSRecovery hoping i could revert to Yosemite - which i THOUGHT was the

OS this particular model/build originally delivered with. The only option given was to revert

to El Capitan.

IF I were able to create a bootable Yosemite USB installer drive, could I run it on this machine?

Or, am I limited to El Capitan or newer? According to Everymac lookup, it says it originally

shipped with 10.10 and fully capable of running it. Yet that wont appear in OSRecovery

If i CAN use Yosemite on this machine without any issues, could I still backup content from the

Time Machine backup (done in High Sierra) to the HD after installing Yosemite?

I want to install Yosemite in place of ElCapitan. Can I or not?

The info is conflicting, based on a reply on the Yosemite board.

Hope you can help! Thank you very much!

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), June 2013 1.3

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Question: Mid 2015 MB Pro. Is it capable of Yosemite too, or not?