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Question: Escalation to engineering

For several months my Apple ID hasn't been working. Each time I ask for help, the problem gets worse. Twice it has been escalated to Engineering, they think they have found the problem, but their "solution" doesn't work. I can't talk with Engineering directly, and the various senior techs I have to go through give up. One is working on it now, and he is the first one who has continued getting back to me. He also persuaded Engineering to give it priority But it has been several weeks now of working thru him, and Engineering yesterday asked the same question they asked a couple of weeks ago. I am getting concerned that the problem is getting batted around and everyone gives up and hands it off. I cannot sign into my Apple account. I cannot download any apps. One tech's solution was to wipe out my iPhone and start from scratch. That didn't work and now I can't get my apps back, having a miserable impact on my life because I've become so dependent on some of them. It seems almost everything I want to do requires me to sign in. I'm often told to create a new password, even tho' that has never worked. I went to the genius bar, and he agreed to help me even tho' they are are now doing only hardware problems. He insisted I change my password again, so I did. Since then I haven't received any email. The senders don't get a bounce notice, so they don't know I haven't received it. I finally opened a gmail account (which is the only way I was able to get on this site) and sent messages to hundreds of people about the change, but with automatic entry of names I suspect there are still many messages I'm not receiving. For commercial email it has meant going to the web sites of every company that matters. If I start all over again with gmail I will never get the missing three weeks of messages and will have to pay all over again for apps. All this is to ask whether anyone knows how to get Engineering to take this problem seriously enough to deal directly with me and to stay on top of it to get it solved. OS 10.13.1 on MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, Watch, and even an iPod.

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Question: Escalation to engineering