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Question: Songs not going to purchased folder

I have recently upgraded to the X. I had an iPhone 5 before and everything was working great just needed to update. I only get my songs from iTunes and always before, when I would download a song it would automatically go into my purchased folder. Now since I have restored a backup from my 5 onto my X, any song that I download from iTunes goes under recently added and it has each song individually and they will not play in a row or shuffle like a playlist. Do I have to manually add each song that I download to the purchased music folder now? Thank you for your help!

iPhone X, iOS 11.1.2

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Dec 10, 2017 10:58 AM in response to Sledhead1234 In response to Sledhead1234

I don't think I can help, but I wanted to add that I have the same problem. I upgraded from my iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone X. Formerly, any song (single) would get automatically added to a playlist called "Purchased" .... Now it doesn't, which is super annoying.

I've tried restoring the phone from backup again. Turning iTunes Match and Apple Music on and off. Buying from another device (Mac / iPad). Weirdly, the purchased playlist seems to be fine on my Macs. I have one device running iOS 10. That device still seems to work. So, I think it's an iOS 11 issue.

Hopefully someone finds a fix. This was a really nice way to keep track of songs that I purchased recently.

Dec 10, 2017 10:58 AM

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Question: Songs not going to purchased folder