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Question: iTunes doesn't remember last folder visited when using :"Find Files


I'm brand-new to the forums. I'm legally blind & disabled & use the JAWS screen reader in order to use the computer.

I have several media files that I need to reassociate with the metatags in iTunes, after moving my library from an external hard drive to an internal PC drive. I have used the option to have iTunes automatically find the files, & it did locate most of them.

My problem is when I have to manually find files, with the "Find Files" option, iTunes remembers the very first folder location I initially visit, & subsequently returns to that first folder every time I tell it to find files afterwards. So, if I need to find files by another artist, with several being on the same second album, I constantly have to navigate back to that new album from the folder that I had iTunes go to the first time.

As an example, I start out with the song "She Will Be Loved" from Adam Levine's album "Songs About Jane." I next need to find the songs "Break Away" & Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson, from her "Break Away" album. The second time I tell iTunes to "Find Files, it first starts me out in the Adam Levine>"Songs About Jane" album folder, which is what is supposed to happen. I go to the Kelly Clarkson>"Break Away" album folder from the Adam Levine folder, & select the "Break Away" song. Then I go to "Behind These Hazel Eyes" in the main iTunes window & hit enter. iTunes asks me if I want to find the file & I click "Find Files." But, instead of being at the Kelly Clarkson>"Break Away" album folder where it went the second time, & therefore should still be, it puts me back in the Adam Levine>"Songs About Jane" folder, where I first started out. I know it's supposed to act like a breadcrumb trail, with iTunes remembering each new folder

I go to sequentially.

I have had this same problem before, & have previously been able to fix it by deleting the ".iTunes Preferences.plist" file in my music folder. It seemed like deleting this file reset all my preferences, including the last folder I visited in "Find Files," fixing the problem. I also used to know when this had worked, because the next time I would open iTunes after deleting that file, I would be shown the license agreement. But this fix no longer works for me in the latest version of iTunes 12.

I have tried rebuilding my library by deleting the ""iTunes Library.itl" file, letting iTunes create a fresh one, & then going to "Import Playlist," & importing the "iTunes Library.xml" file, but the issue persists.

I have tried contacting Apple Support, & although they have tried to be very helpful, none of the reps have been able to help me with this particular problem.

I know it's a fairly minor problem/annoyance, but it is just such a hassel to have to navigate back to different folders, especially if several files are located in one particular album folder. I have put a lot of work into straightening out my library, & really don't want to start fresh, especially since I have tried this with a fresh test library, & still encountered the same issue.

I have played around with this a lot over the last week, & did actually manage to get it working right again for a couple of days, although I did notice that I wasn't presented with the license agreement like I had been in the past.

But then, today, I started having the same problem again, & I don't know or remember what I did to fix it this last time. I have been messing around with this for several hours, but still no luck.

In addition to the steps mentioned above, I've also tried completely uninstalling iTunes & the related components & reinstalling, but, again, no dice.

Please excuse the lengthy wordiness of this post, I'm a first-timer here on the forrums,& I also just want to be sure that folks get as detailed a picture of what it is I'm dealing with, so someone can/will, hopefully be able to help me out.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice, I really appreciate it!

And, Happy Holidays to everyone out there who celebrrates!

null-OTHER, Windows 10, 64 bit Dell Inspiron desktop

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Question: iTunes doesn't remember last folder visited when using :"Find Files