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Question: Low quality sound on Windows via Bootcamp on MacBook Pro 2017 15"


So as many of us Mac users I wanted to install Windows to play some games. I used Bootcamp with its latest Windows Support drivers automatically installed.

The issues I'm experiencing with the audio on my MacBook Pro 2017 15" with Radeon 555:

1. Any media playback sounds with poor quality: no lower/higher tones, bass. It sounds like extremely high-volumed headphones, but not the loudspeakers.

2. Lots of sounds in the games are missing. Known bug with the 'TES Skyrim' where battle sounds or background music disappeared. 'Thief', with no audio dialogs and background music as well.

So it looks like drivers are corrupted or installed wrong.

I tried:

  • Reinstalling both Windows and Bootcamp drivers;
  • Checking Apple Software updates (everything is up to date);
  • Reinstalling all the audio drivers via Devices manager manually.

Need to be mentioned, that last time I dropped (ha-ha) dealing with Bootcamp was 3+ months ago, where I had a bluetooh BeatsX connectivity issue, where sound was cutting of time to time. But the all the sounds were on their places. For this time in the Playback devices I can see lots of disabled AMD High Definition audio devices. Cirrus Logic is enabled and working, as the same as any headphones I connect, but the sound issue would be there.

In macOS everything sounds great. It's only Windows side.

P. S.
The bluetooth issue is still here 😁

MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017), Mac OS X (10.3.x), null

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Question: Low quality sound on Windows via Bootcamp on MacBook Pro 2017 15"