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Question: Suspicious email from "Apple Support"

Hello! So I got an email from a sender claiming to be Apple Support, saying that they have detected unauthorized access to my account, and that there is missing information that I need to fill out within 3 days or else I won't be able to access my account. On first glance, the email looked legitimate but then when I opened the sender's email, it was a long garbled email. Then on second glance, I realized that the font, the grammar and spelling is incorrect as well as the fake Apple sign. I think this is a counterfeit email and because I have slow internet, I bought time while waiting for the link to open to realize that this may be spam. I just wanted to shift Apple's attention to this issue in case anyone else got a similar email. My other concern is that it was in my regular inbox and that Outlook did not try to filter through it or classify it as possible spam.

Take care, everyone!

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Question: Suspicious email from "Apple Support"