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Question: Faulty Electrical lead to MacBookAir

Hi, I have a Mac Book Air, and recently had a problem with the electrical power lead between the adaptor and the MacBook. Despite following care instructions, the cable started to buckle & it deteriorated so badly that I had to replace it. I was horrified when I was quoted £59. I had looked after the product, but even when you loop it around the loops that you can pop up on the adaptor you can feel it buckle and strain.

There was no problem with the adaptor itself, yet because Apple call the adaptor and lead to the Mac Book, "the adaptor" it all had to be replaced. Unlike the other end which has the clever Magisafe connector that disconnects if yanked or knocked and saves damage to the lead and socket, the other end is moulded to the adaptor. I do not see why there is not a magi safe connector at both ends - this would reduce the chances of damage to the cable - and make replacing it a lot easier and cheaper for the customer.

In store I was made to sign a statement that the adaptor was faulty - you could not specify the lead alone. In effect the engineers are getting a faulty message the adaptor is fine the lead is faulty is the correct description. However much Apple claim to have ethical recycling - why recycle something that is not Faulty. What a Waste to quote Ian Dury!

I now discover if you do not replace the power lead between the wall power socket and the adaptor - it can be disconnected - I saved £20 and paid £39 instead. For a thin lead a metre long - hardly value for money. Interestingly the power cable to the wall socket is more durable with a more heavy duty cable - it is still flexible - deterioration over the same period - none! that says it all.

To me the product is not fit for purpose, Apple Engineers are getting the wrong message about this inherent fault, so do not know it needs corrected we the customers are paying to replace working parts, and it could hardly be described as a green solution. What is green is my solution. Nobody listens at Apple - I get the message they know best. Pity, as I wish I had switched to a mac years ago I really like my MacBook Air. and have bought Apple TV as well now. Norman from Scotland

MacBook Air, macOS High Sierra (10.13.1)

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Dec 11, 2017 8:19 AM in response to cu2jimmy In response to cu2jimmy

This is a user-to-user support forum. You may want to also post feedback to Apple via Feedback - MacBook Air - Apple

I had a similar experience with a MacBook Air where the cable deteriorated after 4 years in spite of very careful use. I never even wrapped the cable around the storage ears on the adapter as I didn't want to loop it that tightly.

The current MacBook Air still uses the same adapter with the cable permanently attached. On other models (MacBook and MacBook Pro) the cable can be removed -- it uses a USB-C connection. The downside is that it no longer uses a MagSafe connection at the other end.

Dec 11, 2017 8:19 AM

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Question: Faulty Electrical lead to MacBookAir