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Question: Missing Photos Albums in FCPX

While running the latest version of FCPX, a client of mine can't see all of her albums while browsing in her photos tab under My Albums in FCPX.


  1. Running latest version of FCPX
  2. Running latest version of High Sierra
  3. All albums (visible and not) live in same Photos database, which is set to System Photo Library in Photos
  4. Missing albums are both recent albums and older albums while the ones that can be seen were all made at the same time in August.
  5. Only 19 albums are visible out of 31
  6. The albums that are showing up are all called TAG#### (like TAG2016)
  7. We just made two new albums in Photos, one called Test and one called TAG2018 and TAG2018 was the only one that showed up in FCPX under My Albums.

Any idea what is happening here? Thanks!

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Question: Missing Photos Albums in FCPX