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Question: Repeating a formula

I have a spread sheet going for an entire month and I am trying to add two columns and input the SUM in another. I can do this with no problem. Looking to see if I can save time if there is and easier way to do this vs going toe by row inputting this formula. Granted it changes slightly each line. Example: SUM(C15:D15), then the next row is SUM(C16:D16). And so on and so forth. I have looked for an answer everywhere. Please help. I would imagine this is an easy answer for a perfesional user.

iPhone 6

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Dec 19, 2017 1:23 PM in response to Jesss_jh03 In response to Jesss_jh03

assuming you are on an iOS device,

enter the formula in the first cell.

Complete your formula so you can see the result

select the cell with the formula (don't edit, just tap once)

then tap the green "cell" button at the bottom right of the screen

tap Autofill Cells a the top of the menu

There should now be a yellow box around your selected cell.

grab the bottom edge by tapping and holding, and drag the bottom border down to fill in the formula

Hope this helps


Dec 19, 2017 1:23 PM

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Question: Repeating a formula