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Question: Phone hangs and message icon darkens.

Hey guys!

TLDR version is at the bottom

I am facing an issue whereby I would click on an application icon, and it will not respond. Afterwards, the message icon will darken and basically the phone can no longer function unless I hard reset it.

I am currently on IOS11.1.2 (iphone 7 128gb) and have not yet upgrade to latest version because there was some news whereby the latest version will break some phones.

I am facing this issue since a few months back but not very frequent. So far, it has happened about 12-15 times and it happened again like 5 times today. Was wondering if anyone else faced the same issues as me.

TLDR Version

> clicks on an app icon & does not respond

> message icon suddenly darkens

> phone hangs, only hard reset works

> help me pls

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Question: Phone hangs and message icon darkens.