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Question: iphone 8 backlight issues

Short Version : Traveled to go see family, iPhone 8 was laying on the passenger seat ( The current
iOS when this occurred iOS 11.2 Beta 6) playing music ( iHeart Radio app) that Was streaming music. Well I stopped for gas,Turned off the car and picked up my phone to see there wasn't anything on the display. I also noticed that the music that was streaming to my vehicle was no longer playing on the phone itself. I always have to pause/stop the music once the car is off....

Steps taken:

1. Hard Reset : ( volume up , down , side button until it reboots): This did nothing. The device still connected to my vehicle and I could still play music (From the saved playlists on my device).

2. Restore : (NOTHING)

3. DFU MODE: Wiped the device entirely clean (This was tricky but it was able to be done!). iTunes did 2 passes of verifying the software on the device before sending me to the screen that shows iCloud lock information. On the iPhone 8? NOTHING.....

Device has been in a case since day one. I contacted Apple yesterday when the incident occurred (This is the main reason I have 2 phones!!!) and told them I would give them a call once I had a chance to troubleshoot things. I will attach photos of the device here.

Anyone else experience something of this magnitude?

User uploaded file

User uploaded file

iPhone 8, iOS 11.2

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Question: iphone 8 backlight issues