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Question: Font too big when printing notes


i dont know what I did but I was making the font bigger on my macbook pro ( brand new) to 14 size but now when I print anything from my notes on my Macbook, ipad or phone ( iphone X) the font is stuck on 14 so looks enormous and takes up pages! I have looked everywhere on the macbook and did find a way to make the font 12 size in mail but when I printed a rough draft from a new note on my ipad again , it was still stuck on the huge font! My worry is printing out boarding passes etc as I cannot see a wallet on the macbook and neither is there an option to print boarding passes from an ipad from the Easyjet app: pardon my ignorance but I really need some complete computer dummy help here,

before i fiddled around on my mac the notes were printing out quite small- around a 10 font size- and I could never find a way to print the boarding passes out from an ipad though hopefully now I have a macbook it will give the option. It was a right pain at the airport as there was no scan it yourself places as the airports really outdated still....help!!! Thanks

iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 11.0.3

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Question: Font too big when printing notes