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Question: How to get a new ID password?

I forgot my password for my Apple ID. It is so safe that I can not change it anymore. I tried many times to change it and I had a fully non cooperative Apple agent in Ireland on the phone.

I have a Iphone and at certain moment I had to fill in the longtime password but that did not work anymore for no reason. So I tried to ask for a new password and this had to be setup again so I did. the number came on my phone and I filled in the number and came back in the same procedure and there was requested my password that I did not have. So I have tot ask for a new password and so on and so on.

Is there anybody who can help me with a new password because this not working for me. I lost already my apple music on my phone and I can not update my apps. Very frustrating. Especially the way Apple support did not help me.

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iPhone 6s Plus, ID account

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Question: How to get a new ID password?