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Question: Macbook air 2015 bluetooth issues


Hoping someone can help me out.

A few updates ago I had bluetooth issues with my Macbook air 2015 13". It was originally working fine before hand then I updated sierra and it stopped any bluetooth connectivity. I've recently had an auto update done with the security patch and the bluetooth is now working intimitantly again. It will connect, then turn itself off every now again, or connect and volume goes up and down, songs start and stop. This is frustrating as I listen to music in my shop through the bluetooth but every now and again (Roughly 60-90 seconds) the song will suddenly go very low or very quiet. I know it's not the music as it works perfect on itunes with macbook speakers/headphones.

Any possible advice or am I sadly going to have to wait for a patch from apple?

MacBook Air, iOS 11.2

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Question: Macbook air 2015 bluetooth issues