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Question: Siri suggested websites in Safari


I already found a thread on this one, but nobody has replied. I have the exact same problem.

how do i reset siri suggested websites

Old searches keep showing up in in Safari as "Siri suggested websites". I am well aware that this function can be disabled/shut off, but I still want to control and be able to delete my personal browsing data.

I have now tried everything, which includes;

- Reset my phone to factory settings (delete all content and settings)
- Deleted safari history and data

- Tried to turn on/off Safari/Siri on iCloud in hope that this would delete content

My suspicion is that Icloud is messing this up in someway with stored data for Safari/Siri.

So....how to delete all Safari / Siri data on phone and iCloud so nothing will appear in my Safari browser as "Siri suggested websites" ?


iPhone 5s, iOS 11.2

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Question: Siri suggested websites in Safari