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Question: HELP! MP560 Printer not recognized by my MAC

I used to be able to print, no problem. Then, after having my printer rest idle of many months, i go back to print. There is no communication between my iPad and my Printer or my Mac and my Printer.... MP560 Canon.

So, 1) deleted the printer.

2) went to the canon website and downloaded the printer and the scanner drivers

3) activated them

4) shut down my computer and fired it up again.

5) didn't work

6) shut off my modem/router, and my printer and turned them back on.... they ARE both on the same network.

Still no Printing. So deleted them both again, went to the Canon website, downloaded and activated the printer only.

Now, the Printer does not show up. Not at all, but, interestingly enough, even after deleting them both, and downloading the printer driver only, the "scanner" driver shows up. BUT not the printer, which is what i need.

ARGHH! have spent at least two hours on this. Still nothing is working. Have written to Canon, and they haven't gotten back to me. Anybody have a fix for me? This is just so frustrating. I am running High Sierra.

MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2012), iOS 10.3.1, Also have an iPad Pro

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Question: HELP! MP560 Printer not recognized by my MAC