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Question: Having trouble with Siri and my name

Greetings. I'm having trouble with Siri because she always pronounces my name wrong. I know you can change the way she says your name by saying things like "that's not how you pronounce my name", and she then asks you the correct way to say it. Right, I've done that, and for that one time after I set her up, she pronounces it correctly. Then, she goes back to the wrong way. I'm used to people pronouncing my name (Thales) exactly as it reads, although the correct pronunciation would be something close to "tah-lees" or, alternatively, "thay-lees", but I wanted at least Siri to say it correctly. 😢

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Right after teaching her how to say it correctly (she says it perfectly that one time), when I ask her what's my name, she gets back to saying it wrong. Every and any time she tries to say my name she gets it wrong. >:(

MacBook Pro, macOS High Sierra (10.13.1)

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Question: Having trouble with Siri and my name