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Question: When is Apple going to fix all the bugs that came will the last 4 updates

When is Apple going to fix all the bugs that came with the last 4 updates?

iPhone 6, iOS 11.1.2

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Dec 13, 2017 5:42 AM in response to rpjms5000 In response to rpjms5000

We are not psychic. We don't know what you're talking about if you don't specify what's wrong. Millions of people are running the current version of iOS without issues. Perhaps you should consider troubleshooting your problem(s) instead of waiting for a magical fix to something that's likely an issue specific to your device...

Dec 13, 2017 5:42 AM

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Dec 13, 2017 5:51 AM in response to rpjms5000 In response to rpjms5000

rpjms5000 wrote:

No disrespect intended, but are you kidding me? Whats bugs? Seriously?

There are millions of iOS 11 users in the world. If you seriuously think everyone is experienceing the issues that you are then you are sadly mistaken. Many are not experiencing any issues at all.

If you want help with an issue or issues, you’re going to have to provide details of the issues you are experiencing.

Personally my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro are running iOS 11 just fine.

Dec 13, 2017 5:51 AM

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Dec 13, 2017 6:53 AM in response to Csound1 In response to Csound1

I apologize for the attitude. However, with all the people I know that have iPhones, including everyone in my work place having company iPhones, 70+ phones, (a few 4S, 5, 5S, 6 & 7), there seems to be common complaints regarding updating the software creating problems with these last updates. I happen to love my iPhone right up to when these last updates occurred. Researching, I have read of many issues with the updates, giving the appearance that these issues are widespread. And several tech magazines reporting that Apple rushed the updates and did not test them. Adding to the impression of incompetence on Apple's part.

So when you asked what bugs would they be, I was under the impression that these issues were being experienced by almost everyone.

My issues are as follows:

1. Serious lag time typing, moving to & from screens, typing texts and emails.

2. Crazy screen distortions when tilting the phone horizontal or vertical.

3. Texting buttons were removed, forward and back arrows are gone. Return button moved to new location next to space bar. While not critical, just irritates me when I have to constantly correct my texts. I use texting to my work crews all day.

4. Texting typing window frequently is cut in half where you cannot see the entire typing space.

5. Texting typing window frequently slides down (scrolls) out of view and will not come back up.

6. Apps close by themselves when in use or not in use or just have them open.

7. Battery power drain much faster 2-3 times.

8. Music will randomly just start playing from the iPhone music app but the app is not open. Happened this morning. Phone is sitting on table for 15-20 minutes and at some point started playing music. I have to open the app (which btw, I never use) and then close it to stop the music. This happens frequently.

9. When the iPhone times out and you have to hit the home button to get back, the clock and features are sideways and will not go back to vertical orientation.

10. Wi-Fi search is always turning itself back on. I turn off all the time.

These are just the ones that irritate me because I use my iPhone so much for work all day long. All these occurred with the last 4 updates so it is a constant pain. Some of these complaints seem trivial, I know, but when you are used to using the iPhone continually as I do, in my job that is deadline driven, the iPhone WAS perfect. These issues complicates things and uses up more time.

Is there a software fix? if not, what if anything can I do to fix these issues?

Thanks, Again sorry for the attitude.

Dec 13, 2017 6:53 AM

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Dec 13, 2017 7:19 AM in response to rpjms5000 In response to rpjms5000

All but number 10 are probably a result of corruption that crept it during or prior to updating.

Standard troubleshooting steps are


Reset all Settings.

Restore iOS and restore backup.

Restore iOS and set up as new device.

Test after each step.

#10 is by design if you're turning it off in control center. That doesn't actually turn it off, it just disconnects from whatever you're connected to and disables automatic connections until you change locations or until the next day.

Dec 13, 2017 7:19 AM

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Dec 13, 2017 8:06 AM in response to rpjms5000 In response to rpjms5000

Wow, sorry you are having those problems. I know my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro are not experiencing any of those (both up to date with iOS 11.2).

I am not sure what you mean by turning off wifi "searching"? Do you mean you are turning WiFi off in control panel? If so, that merely disconnects from known networks - to turn wifi off you must use the switch in settings.

See Use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in Control Center with iOS 11 - Apple Support

You also mention people with older iphones who's issues cannot possible be related to the most recent iOS updates since one needs at least an iPhone 5s to install iOS 11. So for any of your colleagues with a phone older than a 5s experiencing similar problems, those are unrelated to any recent iOS updates and likely not due to iOS per se anyway, but instead due to corrupted apps or app data, or settings.

Dec 13, 2017 8:06 AM

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Dec 13, 2017 12:12 PM in response to Michael Black In response to Michael Black

I will do as suggested by KiltedTim.

As far as the Wi-Fi issue, before the updates I could turn my wi-fi searching thing off completely. I would do this because it would continually bring up wi-fi networks where ever I would travel to during the day. When I turned it off, it would not search for w-fi networks until I turned it back on. This would be done in Settings or in the little pop-up window (shortcut) that you can bring up from the bottom of the screen anytime.

Now, I turn it won't stay off when I do it from the pop-up window. It says it will come back on tomorrow but it comes back on right away when I get near a wi-fi network.

As far as the older iPhones, I have heard enough of the issues to determine there are issues. However, I do not kno for a fact that all are due to updates. I have spoken to a ton of people who claim the updates have created problems. Some are the same as mine and others are just general complaints about the updates. So KiltedTim certainly could be right about that.

Dec 13, 2017 12:12 PM

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Question: When is Apple going to fix all the bugs that came will the last 4 updates