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Question: iPad will not connect to one specific website

I live in a retirement community and we have a community website that is heavily used by our residents. Just yesterday, a number of residents started having problems connection on their iPads to this website. They can connect to the website on a Mac or PC, just not on their iPads. And they can connect to other sites on their iPads with no problem. And not all iPads, including my own, are affected. Initially people reported the problem using Safari, but some have also tried Chrome and have the same problem. Two different error messages have been reported:

“network connection was lost”


"This site can't provide a secure connection"

Both our local people who maintain the website content and the remote hosting company say they have not made any changes.

One possible factor that we're trying to chase down is the OS version. I'm on iOS 11.2 and not affected. At least two of the people with problems are on iOS 10 and can't upgrade further because of the age of their iPads. But if this is a factor, it's unclear why the problem only showed up yesterday.

Any suggestions?

Mac mini, macOS Sierra (10.12.5)

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Question: iPad will not connect to one specific website