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Question: App Store Issues

I have the iPhone 7. Ever since I went to IOS 11 on it, my App Store has constantly been causing me issues. I have the setting where apps auto-update. This 9 times out of 10 does not happen. Days later I will get a notification on the App Store icon with 5+ apps that need updating. When I try to manually update, it acts like it wants to start but it either just spins or never makes any progress. I have to shut off my phone and turn it back on in order for me to update my apps. This happens a minimum once a week. Is anyone else having this issue or know a concrete fix? I really shouldn't have to restart my phone each time apps need to update.

Note: I restart my phone consistently. I can have my phone off over night, turn it on in the morning, only to find my apps aren't updating that afternoon. After turning it on and off again they now update. I would like a final and concrete fix.

iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 11.1.2

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Question: App Store Issues