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Question: Trying to restore HD with Time Machine, taking way too long

Looking for some help with Migration Assistant/Time Machine.

We ran into some issues with my mother's Macbook when updating to High Sierra. It ended up getting stuck on the install screen, said a package was missing. It is a newer Seagate hybrid hard-drive that was working beautifully before this.

I ended up going to Apple store and they helped me to restore access to the computer with recovery mode, and opted to then get the computer back to where it should be with the Time Machine backup I have. I left the store since it was close to closing time, with the intention of doing TIme Machine from home.

I set it all up, started Migration Assistant, everything looked good so I hit continue for it to complete overnight. When I woke up in the morning, it was still doing the transfer and it said 331 HOURS left. I ended up quitting and attempting to do it again, same thing happened, but this time, as I let it continue to sit, it was over 1200+ hours to complete.

The external drive is working, it has a Time Machine backup on it, I can open it up and look at it and see all of the info for iTunes and iPhoto are there, 220GB are used on the backup as it should be. But for some reason I just cannot get the actual migration to work.

Any thoughts on steps I can try before I have to manually put everything back on her computer and rebuild all of her albums and playlists?

MacBook Pro, macOS High Sierra (10.13.2), Mid 2010, 7,1. 8GB RAM. 500GB HSSD

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Question: Trying to restore HD with Time Machine, taking way too long