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Question: Help with this formula =Sheet 1::Table 1::$A$34

I have a Numbers file with 25 sheets that contain information. I like to make a summary sheet with the information located in Table 1 Cell A34 of each sheet. I can do this manually. However; is there a way to type in the formula once and then use the drag feature to populate the rest of the cells? I need a way to increase the sheet number by 1 but keep the Table and Cell addresses static. When I drag down. For example if Cell A1 of summary sheet has =Sheet 1::Table 1::$A$34 I want to be able to drag down and have Cell A2 have =Sheet 2::Table 1::$A$34 Cell A3 have =Sheet 3::Table 1::$A$34....

Thanks for your help

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you will have to use the function indirect()

to do what you want:

assuming the formula starts in cell A2

=indirect("Sheet "&row()-1&"::Table 1::A34")

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Dec 13, 2017 11:21 PM in response to Rambod Poursalimi In response to Rambod Poursalimi

Hi Rambod,

You've probably discovered this already, judging by th post following the one being relied to.

Clicking the error triangle will show the description of the type of error causing the triangle. The same is true of the blue 'warning' triangles that appear to warn you of something 'unexpected, but not catastrophic'.

In both cases, the information can help in solving the issue.



Dec 13, 2017 11:21 PM

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Question: Help with this formula =Sheet 1::Table 1::$A$34