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Question: iCloud music library not shown on iPhone

Sudendly my iCloud library dissapered from my iPhone. My iPhone is currently only showing songs I added from my Mac long time ago. The icloud library is working because i see the music on my Mac, even when I add a new song on my iPhone it adds it to my Mac instantly but not the other way around. I have signed out and back in iTunes, killed the app, forced reset my iPhone, turned off and on the iCloud library toggle, reinstalled the app. Still not showing.

I can search to add a song I already have on my iCloud library, it shows the “+” and it will add it normally but nothing will change on my Mac (because it’s already in my library) so there is obviously something wrong with my iPhone. I wouldn’t mind add them all one by one again but this is showing there is something not working properly.

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Dec 18, 2017 12:14 PM in response to PedroHrtdo In response to PedroHrtdo

Update: I had no choice that download them again. On the 5th song I saw it had the “download” option instead of the “+”. I went to my songs and they were back!!. I was downloading all and the app crashed. It wouldn’t let me open the app, killed the app and my music was gone again. I just updated iOS to 11.2.1 hoping they fixed this, my music is back (again) but I’m very afraid if I donwload the songs will be gone for no reason (again).

Dec 18, 2017 12:14 PM

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Question: iCloud music library not shown on iPhone