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Question: Can an apple TV 4th generation play 4k in a 4ktv

Im just wondering because when i connect my apple tv 4th gen to my 4k tv everything looks clearer compared to an hd tv, especially when i play netflix, my netflix account is only hd but when i play netflix in my 4k tv with the Apple tv 4th generation, it looks just clearer compared to using the apple tv in an hd tv with the same netflix account

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Dec 14, 2017 1:51 AM in response to Limkyle11 In response to Limkyle11

The ATV 4 can only supply HD, not 4k, but your TV will be upscaling it to 4k - if well done this won't be as good as real 4k but can look better than pure HD on and HD-only television.

Since your TV has four times as many pixels as an HD one, it could simply turn every incoming pixel into four, then it would look just like an HD TV; many televisions do some interpolation - for example colouring the upper row of pixels to partially match the pixels above it, and so on - so as to smooth over the conversion. This can make the picture look slightly sharper.

Dec 14, 2017 1:51 AM

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Question: Can an apple TV 4th generation play 4k in a 4ktv