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Question: Paypal confirmation is causing iTunes to crash

iTunes 11.2.1

Mac OS 10.7.5

Safari 6.1.3

I have to update my PayPal account for the iTunes store. I go into iTunes, to the iTunes Store, get into my "account" and log in. In the Apple ID summary, I click the edit button for Payment Type, select the PayPal icon, fill in all information and click, "Log In to PayPal." It takes me to a Safari log in page for PayPal, I log in there and it goes to a page to select payment type, I select the payment option I want and click "Agree and Continue". When I click Agree and Continue, it takes me back to iTunes and iTunes crashes. Help?!

Updating anything is not an option because I then lose a bunch of software licenses and I refuse to outdate my workstation. Any help or suggestions on a work around is appreciated!

Mac OS X (10.7.5)

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Question: Paypal confirmation is causing iTunes to crash