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Question: iTunes for Windows-Flashing iTunes Store Login

Windows 7 pro PC

Current iTunes version - Can't say right now because it wont get past the iTunes Store login but it should be current.

When I open iTunes I am asked ALL OF THE TIME to log in to the iTunes store. This is annoying but I live with it. What is not acceptable is that quite often the iTunes store login screen never completely displays. The dialog box flashes very quickly showing only the Password field that I would enter my password in but it is not selectable. No other text appears and the dialog box title bar is grayed out. I can't get past this to access my music and have to kill the program from Task Manager. I can get in ultimately after booting the PC a few times. But this is not practical. Why is this happening and how can I clear this error? If I could stop iTunes from requiring that I log in every time I use the program I believe that this issue would not happen.

I have gotten an update to the program within the last few weeks but the problem persists.

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Question: iTunes for Windows-Flashing iTunes Store Login