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Question: FaceTime Mic not sending audio to other party

Hey guys,

Since Yosemite or Maverick even, my (Display Audio) mic stops sending audio to the person on the other side.

What I have to do to get it to work and send audio again is to change settings for either Output or Input on some other setting and then put it back, that makes the mic send audio to the other party again.

It happens both when I make the FaceTime call or get the FaceTime call.

In every FaceTime call, it happens intermittently, so 3 to 4 times, sometimes after a few minutes and sometimes after a few seconds. Yeah... pretty frustrating 😕

After having updated to the latest macOS since Yosemite or Maverick the problem has just stuck with me.

I have searched for a proper solution ever since and can't seem to find any.

Anyone familiar with this issue or know how to fix this would be much appreciated! 🙂



Mac Pro, macOS High Sierra (10.13.2), 8-core / 22GB mem

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Question: FaceTime Mic not sending audio to other party