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Question: Windows Outlook Contracts wiped

I use iphone SE, ipad mini 4 with Cell, iMac and Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) computer with Microsoft Outlook 2010 which carries my Emails, Contacts & Calendar.

About an hours ago I was invited by Apple to install a new version of iTunes and another App which woud syncronise my Otrlook with iCloud.

Installed both and from what I understood aiout 800 contacts would be downloaded from iCloud to my Outlook program. No such luck - the whole of my Contacts in Outlook have disappeared as have my Appointments in the Outlook Calendar.

Fortunately all my Apple devices still still retain this information, but how do I reuinstate my Outlook contacts with manually entereing them all again?

This is the problem with computers. You put all your faith in them and sometimes you loose everything.

Please don'y tell me to use my iMac as my main computer because it doesn't do everything I want it to.

iPhone 5s, iOS 9.1

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Question: Windows Outlook Contracts wiped