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Question: Apple Watch Became Unpaired & Partially Cracked Screen Preventing Me from Resetting

Hey guys,

I've got a fairly unique situation and I can't think of a solution. Unfortunately, I cracked the right side of my apple watch and can no longer touch it in certain spots on the right side of the screen. While this did become annoying, I was able to get around this with the "unlock iphone to unlock apple watch feature."

All was well until for some reason my apple watch stopped unlocking when I unlocked my iPhone. The worst part of it is that I cannot enter my password because of the placement of where I cracked my screen nor can I tap the little green checkmark when trying to Erase All Contents and Settings on a hard reset.

I didn't crack it that badly.I have cracked my iPhone much worse before and still have been able to touch it in the spots where it was cracked.

Anyone have any ideas of how I can get into my Apple watch? Is it possible something came loose on the inside that is preventing the screen from working? Even though it was my fault I cracked my screen, I feel like given the fact that I didn't crack it that badly and it lost its touchability, Apple might be willing to deem it a "defect".

Thanks in advance for your time.


Apple Watch Series 2, watchOS 3.2

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Apple advises that you should not continue using a damaged Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is not user-serviceable and Apple does not offer a screen repair or screen replacement service for it.

Apple's Limited Warranty covers issues due to defects in materials and workmanship, but not due to accidental damage. If you have previously purchased AppleCare+, then the issue may be covered as one of up to two claims for accidental damage, each subject to a service fee / excess:

AppleCare+ - Apple Watch - Apple

Otherwise, your Apple Watch may be eligible for replacement via chargeable, out-of-warranty service. Out-of-warranty repair service prices vary, depending on your location and Apple Watch model. Prices in the US, for example, are available here:

Apple Watch Service Pricing - Apple Support

I suggest that you contact Apple Support (mail-in service may be available, if required), make a Genius Bar reservation or visit an Apple Authorised Service Provider to arrange for your Apple Watch to be inspected and to establish your available service options:

Dec 15, 2017 5:48 AM

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Question: Apple Watch Became Unpaired & Partially Cracked Screen Preventing Me from Resetting