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Question: i5 more efficient than i7?

In the last few weeks my Apple conspiracy theory went up a notch as both my iPhone 6 and MBP decided to become clunky, barely responsive and in the case of the MBP run very hot and fans just blasting off even when idle.

Both iPhone 6 and MBP (Retina, i7 15" Mid 2012) received the latest High Sierra "update".

I don't know what the update is for, perhaps to slow things down just before Christmas shopping mayhem.

At work I use a MBP 13", i5 late 2013 model and run many heavy apps (Adobe, Chrome, Slack, Coda etc) and barely ever hear the fan or the CPU gets above any abnormal percentage.

So my question/ debate is. Does i5 MBP with only onboard GPU simply works better than i7 with a dedicated GPU?

Or is it simply latest OSX and iOS (High Sierra and iOS 11.2) that just way too demanding?

And yes, Spotlight finished indexing long time ago if you're asking...-)

Anyone experiencing bad experiences with latest updates or i7 MBP?



MacBook Pro with Retina display, macOS High Sierra (10.13.2), Airport Extreme

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Question: i5 more efficient than i7?