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Question: NBA Sports app (Apple TV) issue

I recently purchased the new Apple TV and downloaded NBC Sports to the device. I wanted to watch the Warriors vs Mavericks game from it tonight 14 DEC 17, rather than from my Directv box. However going through the verification process from the app on the Apple TV, I could not access the game. I was, however, able to watch the game from my Directv Box, my directv app, and the NBC Sports app from my iPhone.

Going through the Apple TV app provider verification, where Step 2 I select my provider and step 3 input the access code from my computer/mobile device, I received an alert saying “contact your provider.” Upon contacting Directv, they determined the issue wasn’t through directv, but through Apple. How can I access future Warriors games through the NBC Sports app on Apple TV? NBC Sports Bay Area is included with my cable subscription, but there seem to be some interference from the Apple TV app.

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Dec 15, 2017 5:19 PM in response to vazandrew In response to vazandrew

You know.....if it doesn’t show up in their system it must be apples issue. I’m under the same assumption, it’s the developers issue. Maybe a rights issue too. Idk I still have to contact them. I sent them an email so we’ll see

Dec 15, 2017 5:19 PM

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Question: NBA Sports app (Apple TV) issue