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Question: icloud

How can I communicate with the owner of an iPhone that appeared in Mexico does not have a message from the owner or telephone number to know if it is stolen or not? the only thing I have is the number of imei and this s*****@gmail.com

iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 11.2.1, rose of 16 gb

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Have you tried the e-mail address? Other than that, there is no way to find the owner.

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Dec 15, 2017 2:58 PM in response to ivan90361 In response to ivan90361

ActivationState Unactivated

BasebandActivationTicketVersion V2

BasebandCertId 3840149528

BasebandChipID 9572577

BasebandMasterKeyHash 8CB15EE4C8002199070D9500BB8FB183B02713A5CA2A6B92DB5E75CE15536182

BasebandStatus BBInfoAvailable

BasebandVersion 4.30.02

BluetoothAddress 84:a1:34:63:bd:84

BoardId 6

BrickState true

BuildVersion 15D5037e

CPUArchitecture arm64

CertID 3840149528

ChipID 32768

DeviceClass iPhone

DeviceColor #e4e7e8

DeviceName iPhone

DieID 6110829969096

EthernetAddress 84:a1:34:63:bd:85

FirmwareVersion iBoot-4076.30.43

FusingStatus 3

GID1 10

HardwareModel N66AP

HardwarePlatform s8000

HasSiDP true

HostAttached true

IntegratedCircuitCardIdentity 8952033810942132629

InternationalMobileEquipmentIdentity 353327071360705

InternationalMobileSubscriberIdentity 334030076380597

MLBSerialNumber F3Y62360272GKKYC

MobileEquipmentIdentifier 35332707136070


MobileSubscriberNetworkCode 03

ModelNumber MKW72

PartitionType GUID_partition_scheme

PasswordProtected false

ProductName iPhone OS

ProductType iPhone8,2

ProductVersion 11.2.5

ProductionSOC true

ProtocolVersion 2

RegionInfo LL/A

ReleaseType Beta

SIMStatus kCTSIMSupportSIMStatusReady

SIMTrayStatus kCTSIMSupportSIMTrayInsertedWithSIM

SerialNumber F2LRW0QXGRWL


TelephonyCapability true

TimeIntervalSince1970 1513236683.415807

TimeZone US/Pacific

TimeZoneOffsetFromUTC -28800.000000

TrustedHostAttached true

UniqueChipID 6110829969096

UniqueDeviceID 393f03bba4e68f41eca919e86fb7a41c5b55c474

UntrustedHostBUID 306347411817377236130626380

UseRaptorCerts true

Uses24HourClock false

WiFiAddress 84:a1:34:63:bd:65

WirelessBoardSerialNumber 64173008E3

kCTPostponementInfoPRIVersion 0.1.143

kCTPostponementInfoPRLName 0

kCTPostponementStatus kCTPostponementStatusReady

Dec 15, 2017 2:58 PM

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Question: icloud