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Question: Mac can't write to USB NAS on a PC/Mac network

Has anyone successfully gotten a router-mounted USB NAS device working on a PC/Mac network, and if so, how did you configure its permissions to allow read/write access from both machines?

I've got a new Arris cable modem/router connected via Ethernet cables to my Windows 7 PC, and my Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6.8) MacMini. It's all set up, and works fine both as a cable modem and a wireless router.

I've got a 256GB thumb drive plugged into the Arris' USB port, and I have successfully enabled it as a NAS drive on my Windows network. I can open it from both computers, simultaneously.

From both the Windows PC and from the Mac, it doesn't actually appear as a 256GB drive; it appears as a shared folder with an initial 'size' of zero bytes.

From the Windows PC, I can copy any number of files onto it, and as I do so, its 'size' increases (visible in real time, from both machines).

From the Mac, I can access those files, and even delete them, but I can't add any files to the USB NAS. OSX always says there is "not enough free space". So, in effect, from the Mac, I have no write access to the USB NAS (even though I can delete files).

Fom the Mac, GET INFO \ Sharing and Permissions says I have "custom access" (but with no ability to change anything, and no clue what those 'special permissions' are.) Also, in Get Info, it says that this USB storage device's KIND is "Sharepoint".

From the Windows PC, the NAS's File Properties\Group or User Names shows 'Everyone' has only 'Special permissions' and even If I dig deeper, I can't seem to find out what those "Special Permissions" are.

Although Arris tech support tried to help, they soon ran out of ideas, suggested it must be a Mac OS problem, and advised me to contact Apple Support. I think it's more likely a permissions problem generated either by Arris's implementation of USB NAS, or by the Windows' extremely confusing Security/Permissions systems.

Suggestions please?! Thanks!

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Question: Mac can't write to USB NAS on a PC/Mac network