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Question: Download iTunes 12.4.3

Initially there was a conflict between iTunes 12.7.2 and Win-10 Pro which caused iTunes to crash whenever I tried to burn a CD-R. Two error codes were associated with the iTunes crash: 0x80070006 and 0x8004005.

I worked with the Apple iTunes support desk for hours. Eventually uninstalling and reinstalling all Apple and iTunes applications. No success. I was directed to MS Win-10 support by Apple.

The MS Win-10 support community indicated there were "bugs" in iTunes 12.7.2 which would not allow it to function with MS Win-10. The MS Win-10 support community recommended that I install the last version of iTunes that did work with MS Win-10 which was iTunes 12.4.3.

So I uninstalled iTunes 12.7.2 (going so far and to delete Apple and iTune files that were not removed during the uninstall process).

iTunes 12.4.3 would not install, the installation message was that a newer version of iTunes was already installed. How could this be?

Next I went to the "regedit" files and deleted all lines/keys that began with Apple and iTunes. Restarted PC.

Tried to download iTunes 12.4.3 again. Still could not finish download. Got message that a newer version of iTunes was already installed.

So now I do not have any version of iTunes on my PC. Any suggestions as to how I can get a version of iTunes downloaded on my PC that works with MS Win-10?

Leb P.

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Dec 15, 2017 11:27 AM in response to daddytreefrog In response to daddytreefrog

See the iTunes installers section of Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates. All direct from Apple's servers. Also has roll back instructions for reverting your database if needed. I would suggest going back to 12.7.1 or 12.6.3 rather than 12.4.3. The further back you go the more of the intervening changes to your library you lose.


Dec 15, 2017 11:27 AM

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Question: Download iTunes 12.4.3