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Question: Iphone Notification issue

This issue started on my iPhone 7 Plus as when I swap down on the screen and then I swap up on the middle of the screen I can feel the haptic response but I cannot see notifications only shows my screen saver.

When I restart the phone it works for an hour to 4 hours and this issue comes back. Funny part is that I even got the iPhone X and I didn't use the backup at all but same issue came back on my new phone too. Then I restored both 7 plus and iPhone X but I did restored the phone on safe mode which apple recommends the best way to restore. I activated the phone as totally new phone. I download all the app from App Store and I didn't use any back up at all.

Then I went to apple store they tried to just restore the phone on safe mode and I told them I already tried this and they gave me the new iPhone X and I activated the phone as a new phone and got the same issue. I also tried to same mode restore on this new replaced iPhone and again the issue came back after a day. Oh I forgot tell you this started to happen after the iOS 11 initial update on my iPhone 7 plus and all of my iPhone are up to date on software side.

I gave the old iPhone 7 plus that had this issue to my brother and he has been using it for 2 - 3 weeks but he doesn't have any issue that I was experiencing. This is crazy but I don't know whats going on anymore cause I have tried every possible way to fix the issue.

Any suggestions

iPhone X, iOS 11.2.1

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Question: Iphone Notification issue